Restoring your Home ... Restoring your Peace of Mind

Home Insurance gives you some peace of mind when your valuable assets are damaged or destroyed. At Exclusive Floors we understand that damage to your personal property is very stressful and that certainly not all personal property is replaceable. We are here to help you navigate your way through restoring the foundation of your home - the flooring – a part of your home that can be replaced.

What We Do

The scale of our Restoration flooring projects range from small rooms to large commercial and multi-family projects. We have a dedicated team of Project Managers with a specialized background in the Insurance flooring replacement business. Our Project Managers work collaboratively with your Restoration Company to ensure your project moves along in a timely manner. Our job is to ensure that the best outcome is achieved based on the wide variety of flooring options that are available in the market today.



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What you can expect at Exclusive Floors

Quick reponse time: We understand that there are a lot of moving parts and when you are ready for flooring, our team can execute quickly.

In-stock products:We have a large selection of products available at one of our three warehouse facilities: ready to ship and install.

Multiple locations: The selection process is convenient with locations in Surrey, Abbotsford and Coquitlam. Borrow or order samples at vour convenience.

Exclusive Floors has been a proud member of the (Insurance Claims Collaborative) program since 2009. Our partnership with the ICC ensures you peace of mind that you are being indemnified for your new flooring to be of equal value to what you originally had prior to your loss. Of course you always have the option to upgrade at your own cost.

For inquiries on an insurance claim or project please contact our Insurance/Restoration Manager, Ron Shukyn at

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